Sizing is approximate and may vary
slightly person to person.
Each of our pieces is unique in their own way and with subtle shape or textural differences. Should you prefer a more circular / oval form, please request it when ordering. Pieces usually take up to 14 business days to make. Visit our process page to learn more!
Your personalized monogram will be located on the flat, backside of your rock. Depending on the rock size, one to two letters will be suitable for the piece. Please feel free to message us with any questions!

x-large & large rocks 1 to 2 letters
small, x-small & mini rocks 1 letter
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February 1st, the first day of the month, the perfect time to pause and breathe IN stillness, passion, and all kinds of love... The month to honor our loved ones and most of all our ROCK. That one person who is with us through it all... That special somebody may be your lover, mother, best friend, or that new person in your life... let's take the time and send them some amoreee. Nothing calls for a better way to celebrate the occasion, than with a handmade to order piece... Our team has rounded up an unforgettable Valentine's Day Gift Edit for you to enjoy, a look made for love!

1. MINI GOLD STONE NECKLACE | 18k 16” gold chain with mini 3mm 14k yellow gold stone charm... featured above in custom 14" length, in a reddish wine garnet colored gem, the stone of love and passion. Also known for its nickname the"Mini Moo", is the necklace you live in and never take off no matter what...

2. GOLD COCO NECKLACE | 14k 16” or 18" gold chain with five 14k yellow gold flat coco charms... shown above at 16" in length. The brand's second specialty after our forever bespoke rocks, the coco charms are a dream... the necklace holds a strong spiritual meaning to us... The coco charms represent seeds that we plant and see them grow...

3. MINI GOLD ROCK RING | 14k yellow gold mini rock on thin band... the band you will need to add to your dainty ring collection. Let's layer them all and create a full and intriguing ring look! Our team loves pairing it with a simple vintage diamond band... for a feminine touch.

4. GOLD SINGLE ROCK NECKLACE | 18k gold adjustable chain with yellow gold rock, featured above in size small in 16" to 18"... the perfect and most adorable rock size to start your rock necklace collection. The one size you can guarantee layering success! Happy news... you can add more rocks to your neck at anytime, for a total ISA NOY approved style.

5. MINI GOLD ROCK STUDS | 14k or 18k mini gold rocks on 14k gold ear posts & back piece, sold individually or as set... for all those additional piercings, the more the better. To achieve that strong ear game... let's mix and match studs for that raw, real and free-spirited vibe...

6. MINI GOLD ROCK BRACELET | 14k adjustable 7” to 9” gold chain with three mini yellow 14k or 18k gold rocks... to layer with your 2021 stack! Have you heard yet? Our team has decided that it's the year of the bracelet... so let's start feeling them and the youthful spirit they bring us!

7. MINI GOLD ROCK EARRINGS | mini gold rocks on 14k gold details & ear findings, approx. ½ ” in overall height... a divine design that holds the most perfect weight and feel... our babes just love how they dance softly while wearing them! A classic ISA NOY design that needs to be IN your jewelry box for now and generations to come...

Enjoy! xx- The Atelier. 

P.S. During this time of social distancing a gift card can do it all! Here is the link... Images saved on our Pinterest board.