Sizing is approximate and may vary
slightly person to person.
Each of our pieces is unique in their own way and with subtle shape or textural differences. Should you prefer a more circular / oval form, please request it when ordering. Pieces usually take up to 14 business days to make. Visit our process page to learn more!
Your personalized monogram will be located on the flat, backside of your rock. Depending on the rock size, one to two letters will be suitable for the piece. Please feel free to message us with any questions!

x-large & large rocks 1 to 2 letters
small, x-small & mini rocks 1 letter
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The Coco Collection


You may have seen some of these images shared on our social media platforms, but today, we officially share and talk about the collection for the first time. We are honoring space for our precious collection and its importance. It is an ode to taking time for ourselves, setting intentions, becoming who we are meant to be, and manifesting our dreams. Most of all, we are spreading our ISA NOY mindset of finding those precious moments that give us peace and staying present. Our thoughts and meaning behind our latest work, The Coco Collection...


Our Coco Collection represents our ability to manifest our dreams, wishes, and desires in this world. The coco charms are our vision of miniature seeds. Our collection was curated around the “Coco Lover Language,” a playful and romantic interpretation of our Caribbean-inspired lifestyle. Our atelier has officially mastered what we like to call the “coco art” with the debut of the Coco Collection. The Coco charms are our vision of miniature Caribbean seeds that we plant, nourish, and come to grow, representing all of our desires… they have become a classic symbol in our atelier. We adore the Cocos and what they symbolize to us daily. Each one-of-a-kind Coco charm is handmade with so much love, intentions, purposes, and mantras… Our Coco Lover Language is our version of modern poetry… Plant those seeds, nourish them, and let yourself grow into your best version… the one you want to be, without holding anything back, like a true IN Babe.


Amulet Necklace

Nano Lariat

Coco Lover Choker

Coco Lover Bracelet

Short Coco Chain Earrings

Mini Coco Chain Studs

Coco Choker Strand

Ten Year Strand

Nano Semi Precious Strand

Coco Multi Strand

Coco Lover Hanchain