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slightly person to person.
Each of our pieces is unique in their own way and with subtle shape or textural differences. Should you prefer a more circular / oval form, please request it when ordering. Pieces usually take up to 14 business days to make. Visit our process page to learn more!
Your personalized monogram will be located on the flat, backside of your rock. Depending on the rock size, one to two letters will be suitable for the piece. Please feel free to message us with any questions!

x-large & large rocks 1 to 2 letters
small, x-small & mini rocks 1 letter
newsletter —

Vol. 5 - 2017 - ISA NOY Welcomes


We are pleased to announce and welcome MOVIDA as an ISA NOY brand stockist. With a great sense of taste and eye for good design, they will sure become your go to for unique designer pieces. Based in Toronto, Canada | MOVIDA | carries a highly refined and curated selection of designer jewelry pieces from around the world. One thing you won't want to miss are their outfit collages - looks - that accompany each piece, lots of inspiring ideas that we simply can't get enough. Let us know your favorites and the ones you will be wearing this Summer 2017! Our designer had the pleasure to sit down with MOVIDA for a fun SEVEN Q&A... Read it all here & don't forget to visit them for more! | | @movidajewelry | Thank you, the Atelier.


MOVIDA   Where are you from?

ISA NOY   (founder and designer of ISA NOY) I’m from Puerto Rico, a small & beautiful island in the Caribbean. Have you been?

MOVIDA   Your favorite thing(s) in your hometown?

ISA NOY   Favorite thing about being from Puerto Rico is having the beach so close to me, as my backyard and being able to call the Caribbean my home.

MOVIDA   What's jewelry to you?

ISA NOY   Jewelry is my way to carry a little piece of who I am, it’s my essence... it becomes my history and one day I will leave it behind for someone else to treasure and tell its stories. From a new contemporary piece to a vintage find, it's all about wearing and finding those key pieces that are meaningful to me, mixing them and always taking them with me!

MOVIDA   Where or how do you usually receive inspirations and ideas for your designs?

ISA NOY   Being home in the Caribbean inspires me, having sun and salty days to relax... Taking time for myself, is my outlet for creativity!

MOVIDA   How did you end up doing what you do now?

ISA NOY   Jewelry has always been part of who I am. Although my background is in architecture, my passion for jewelry design has always been there. I started making shell jewelry when I was in third grade but my love for true hand made fine jewelry came from my mother and father. Who taught me since a young age its value and beauty.

MOVIDA   What was the inspiration behind the decision to create contemporary jewelries?

ISA NOY   The Caribbean is my source of inspiration and guide thru this journey that has become ISA NOY. The truth is I wanted to share that amazing feeling I call “The Feeling of Ease” that the Caribbean gives me and share it with everyone. I believe that through ISA NOY, I will be able to share my love of everything tropical but most of all the Caribbean!

MOVIDA   What's the one piece of jewelry that you cannot live without?

ISA NOY   Wow, this is easy to answer... I currently can’t live without my Coco Chain Earrings, Mini Stone & Single Rock Necklaces from our 2017 Rock Collection but also I can’t live without my gold diamond ring that was given to me by my grandmother, which I wear on my right middle finger. I never take it off!  I stack smaller bands with it... one which came from my great grandmother, from my father’s side. I also can’t live without my aquamarine ring from the 40’s, which I bought with my mother many years back. It’s all about mixing pieces, mixing their stories & making new ones with them.

MOVIDA   What's your favorite quote?

(I know it's the 8th question, but this one can't be missed.)

ISA NOY   “Live In Your Jewelry” - said by me and now by everyone at the ISA NOY Atelier.


Great Summer lived IN day to night looks... with the final touches by ISA NOY.
Our team 100% approves!


Photo Collages: Courtesy of @movidajewelry