Sizing is approximate and may vary
slightly person to person.
Each of our pieces is unique in their own way and with subtle shape or textural differences. Should you prefer a more circular / oval form, please request it when ordering. Pieces usually take up to 14 business days to make. Visit our process page to learn more!
Your personalized monogram will be located on the flat, backside of your rock. Depending on the rock size, one to two letters will be suitable for the piece. Please feel free to message us with any questions!

x-large & large rocks 1 to 2 letters
small, x-small & mini rocks 1 letter
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Green Love Affair



Our Atelier is guilty of this love affair we are all having with green... This 2017 Spring - Summer we are and will be wearing this year's Pantone color, Green. What items have you been crushing on for the Ultimate Romantic Caribbean Night Out?
We have been day dreaming of pairing a soft linen wrap dress with a pair of sandals and a big straw hat for the day time. Our NOY Multi Necklace and Gregorian Chain Earrings in peridot, will be the knock out pieces to add to your tropical green look. For an extra magical touch bring along our Geometric Pattern Silk Piece in gold and tie it around the strap of your ultra fabulous bag. Oh... and lets not forget a Mini Silk Rock Wrap in green, tied around as an ankle bracelet.
Until this green passion ends, let's keep thinking of green ideas to come... We leave you below with a small passage from one of our top favorite poems by the amazing twentieth century Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca, that immediately makes us think of this green craze we are IN! If you grew up learning about Spanish literature you are surely going to remember this one... if not, now you will, its pretty addicting to read! 
Romance Sonambulo:
Verde que te quiero verde.
Verde viento. Verdes ramas.
El barco sobre la mar
y el caballo en la montaña.
Con la sombra en la cintura
ella sueña en su baranda,
verde carne, pelo verde,
con ojos de fría plata.
Verde que te quiero verde.
Bajo la luna gitana,
las cosas le están mirando
y ella no puede mirarlas.
Green, how I desire you, green.
Green wind. Green branches.
The ship upon the sea
and the horse in the mountains.
With the shade wrapped about her waist
she dreams on her balcony,
green flesh, a green coat,
with eyes of cold silver.
Green, how I desire you, green.
Beneath the gypsy’s moon,
all things follow her
yet she sees them not.
Continue reading the entire poem here... 
xx- The Atelier!

Photo & Product Credits: Dress by Isabel Marrant Etoile via Matches Fashion, Bag by Celine, Hat by Shop Doen, Sandals by Tkees via Net A Porter, Lip Balm by Ilia via Net A Porter, Nail Polish by Smith and Cult via Net A Porter, Scarf & Jewelry by ISA NOY. Poem by Federico Garcia Lorca - Romance Sonambulo, via, translated by Wiliam Logan.