Sizing is approximate and may vary
slightly person to person.
Each of our pieces is unique in their own way and with subtle shape or textural differences. Should you prefer a more circular / oval form, please request it when ordering. Pieces usually take up to 14 business days to make. Visit our process page to learn more!
Your personalized monogram will be located on the flat, backside of your rock. Depending on the rock size, one to two letters will be suitable for the piece. Please feel free to message us with any questions!

x-large & large rocks 1 to 2 letters
small, x-small & mini rocks 1 letter

About the Collection | Gold Rocks

Our Rocks go gold! Our collection Gold Rocks is the next addition to our Rock family. The atelier's passion for gold, has us seeing and painting our world in it. We have been studying its color, properties, and the way it transforms when it mixes with some of our chosen and secret alloys. We have officially extended our line to include this one and only material. Our Rocks are now available in this spectacular, pristine and rich hue, that has us IN love. The powers of gold are said to open up our minds to great success and positive thinking. They will become your most desirable protective amulets. From 14 and 18 karats to yellow and pink gold, a new collection of Rocks has been started. Launching the collection in two parts - Gold Rocks - part one, starts now.

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